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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
No it's not.

Players who've had the same surgeries have come back to be as good as they were. The examples are numerous. Wiz has had it even worst than Markov and had his best season after his three surgeries, and don't talk to me about age. 26 and 32 year old doesn't make any difference when you're talking about highly trained athletes. Malkin has had the same surgery. Williams too. Many others including some of the best QB in the NFL. It is also good to note that Markov's first surgery wasn't the same surgery as the last one he had in Dec 2010 and not the same surgery Malkin, Williams and Wiz had.

Wiz followed a similar path to Markov as his first two surgeries were grafts like Markov's first surgery, and none of them held off. Both Wiz's 3rd surgery and Markov's 2nd surgery were transplants, not grafts, and it seems to be holding on pretty well for Wiz. Transplants are much better because it is the natural ligament they are using as replacement, whereas in the case of grafts, they take unatural ligaments from other parts of the body which have significantly less chance of holding on.

The history of ACL and MLC surgeries suggests a full recovery and 100% return to form. That's the realistic outlook. Does it mean Markov is sure to be 100%? No, but it's still the most probable outcome.

The only thing you base your own conclusions on is pessimism, not facts. You're not realistic.
With all due respect man, you've been saying this for two years now and the guy has barely even played. You don't know anymore than we do how he'll play when he returns - or when he will return for that matter. We've already wasted two years expecting him to come back and he hasn't. At some point you have to stop touching the stove when you get burnt.

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