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02-02-2012, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Do yourself a big favor and retrace the whole conversation which did not start off with you. You have a real hard time following a conversation, it seems. You're the one who used a strawman argument, and you're the one who jumped to a conclusion (based on semantics, and not the initial post I was responding to), when all that was needed was to look at the initial assertion I was responding too. If you persist in repeating these lies, I will post the series of quotes, and yes you were emotional -as in analytical vs emotional- when you reacted by your 'lol no' without even checking if what I implied was true (which it was), you made a conclusion based on nothing else than your immature pessimistic outlook.
I highlighted a very specific part of your post and replied lol, no. The rest of your pointless crusade is irrelevant to me. If you think it's semantics, fine, I accepted that you may have misspoke when you stated Markov makes the Habs a 100 point team in the present tense.

And my "lol, no" was based on the fact that I think it's pretty funny to imply Markov makes any Hab team, including the current version a 100 point team if he plays 82 games. Like I said, probably an issue of broken English but go ahead, repost your whole debate. Please.

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