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02-02-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Because the worst case scenarios at the NHL level are problems that no amount of planning can overcome.

Stars and superstars going down are a fact of life in the NHL and vary rarely can teams overcome it. If Chara goes down last year, no chance in hell Boston wins the cup, heck they probably don't get out of the 1st round. You can say that for pretty much every playoff team. Pittsburgh lost in the 1st round despite being a cup contender, why because their top players were out.

Part of "finding somebody else" to replace Hamrlik is Gorges coming back. It was expected that Subban would progress, even if he played at the level he did 2nd half we'd have been fine. Spacek was expected to be there, he missed most of the 1st half. Campoli was expected to take up #3-4 minutes until Markov was ready and he only played about 12 shifts. The young players other than Markov did a pretty good job, Diaz played better than expected, Emelin played well after a slow start, Weber had some rough stretches but also a 10 game stretch were he was probably our best d-man overall. having Markov's setback(s) plus Campoli's injury plus Spacek's injury, all at the start of the yaer was the "perfect storm" to screw up the defense. Campoli and Spacek are not impact guys, but Campoli can take 20 minutes and both guys are veterans so you don't have to dress 3 and at times 4 rookies(St Denis) all at once.

Who excatly do we bring in in September when Markov had his setback? Campoli is not chopped liver, he played #3-4 minutes last year, part of those were in Chicago.
As I told you in the summer, at some point we're going to get another patchwork fix when Markov inevitably goes down. And that's exactly what happened.

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