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02-02-2012, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by floridajetfan View Post
We are going to be in Sunrise tomorrow night for the game.

20 years since I have seen my Jets in person... can't wait.

The last Tampa home game of the season last year I was wearing my jets shirt (a friend from Switzerland got us luxury suite tix) I come out the door from the suite and literally bump into a guy wearing a Jets jersey.

Of course we slap hands and say "WTH are you wearing that!" He was from Dryden and used to go to Jets games all the time and the family moved to florida.

Beleive it or not but there are a lot of transplanted manitobans here going to the game tonight, and I am taking the family to the game tomorrow!

Waited a long time for this... I may cry again!!

don't worry, you'll have bro-comfort and bro-kleenexes along with bro-hugs to keep it all browesome.

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