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Originally Posted by Jayden72 View Post
Wow I have lived here for 39 years, and I don't think I could have thought of half the things you thought of! Good Work!
Thank you sir!!

Originally Posted by 76ftw
Will be in town for the first time this weekend, what's the best place to watch the Superbowl?
what are u looking for?
ability to see american commercial?
quality of beer?

Originally Posted by DJ Breadman View Post
Great Thread, I'm looking for a restaurant before the game nothing fancy just has to be within walking distance to the Bell Centre. I went to Montreal a couple years ago for my first ever game, it was habs vs bruins on a sat night. stayed at the delta and walked up to the bell centre area thinking there's a load of rest in the area we should find one. Well we were shocked there were people everywhere there were linups outside restaurants, we had to turn and go back to the hotel and eat, couldn't get in anywhere. We didn't really care as we were just in town to see the game. This time i'm going up for a tues game vs the sabres and I wanna go to a rest before the game, any suggestions it doesn't have to be anything fancy just has to be around the bell centre area, should I try to make a reservation? Will there be less people kicking around cause it's a tuesday game vs sabres?
sorry I missed that! hopefully u found something

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