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02-02-2012, 05:43 PM
Only a 2 year window
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Originally Posted by ItsOnlytheRiver View Post
I'm not saying that if the right trade came along you don't make it, just adding that it's not the end of the world should we have to give up Stewart for futures. I think what would be the worst thing to do is trade Stewart for an aging veteran like Iginla. You only have to look at the turn of century Blues for why trading young, cheap pieces for high priced players past their prime is a bad idea.
It's not the end of the world, especially given that it would happen in the offseason and Tarasenko would arrive (and likely be cheaper and better). An extra 2013 first and third does affect the pace of things. As exciting as this year is, it's the next 2-3 years following where the Blues should really begin to establish themselves as perennial threats, and that pick would very likely be a late arrival.

Iginla is obviously a little different than Parise/Ryan because there'd be a big salary year, but if the Blues did the due diligence first and established that Iginla wanted to close out his career with a few more Cup pushes and wouldn't demand 7M in the years following, the Blues are just the kind of team he'd help a ton. He's still a 60+ point player who and you can't get around this would truly be a frightening player to throw at the Detroits and Chicagos of the world in the poststeason on top of what they currently have. They paid Kariya 6M for three years, and they might be willing to swallow 7M for one year of Iginla IF they did the diligence and discovered he'd take that 3 x ~3.5M to finish his career on a Cup threat team. This came up once before, and it's not something I'm actively hoping for, rather that I see the rationale were they to do it. Yes, even if he re-signed with the Blues in the summer Petro and Shattenkirk are due their raises (and McDonald's $$ comes off the books), he wouldn't be a premier player forever, but he probably has 4-5 strong postseason runs in him, the two under contract now and three more. By the time his effectiveness was fading, the first round picks from 2012, 2013, 2014 should be arriving on the squad. And it's easier to attract better talent when you are a contender.

I just don't think the fear that when Iginla stopped being effective the Blues would be regretting dealing Stewart is all that realistic PROVIDED THAT a) new ownership could sign off (or signal) that they could handle the 7M next year and b) Iginla is more interested in being part of a Cup contender than getting the most $$ in his following deal. Iginla is the kind of guy who might even be able to most effectively drag Berglund into the confidence zone he needs.

If Calgary were willing to deal, it would take Stewart + with the + not being more valuable than Stewart (think of kimzey's star player model).


is a sneakily veteran playoff lineup and looks pretty strongly built for the postseason. McDonald has serious playoff bona fides, so do Iginla, Arnott, Langenbrunner, even Nichol has 40 playoff games. Perron has shown an ability to elevate in the postseason, you know Steen you can rely on, Sobotka was loved by Bruins fans in the postseason, and Oshie is having a very strong year. Backes' style is very postseason friendly. That lineup would be one NOBODY in Chicago, Detroit, San Jose or Vancouver would want to face. Set aside the worry about the $$ next year or what might happen when Iginla's in decline a few years from now and just imagine how that team would wear opposing defenses down.

That's why if the new owners could swing it (and again, the one big and one moderate raise aren't until after next season), I dunno, I'd rather pay Iginla 7M next year (and lose Langenbrunner and even Arnott) than give Stewart 3.5.

So, following the model kimzey's identified, trade Stewart + Crombeen + prospect + pick for Iginla you take on an extra 2.5M next year but add Tarasenko and drop Langenbrunner to offset most of that.

Next year:


Are Iginla's best years behind him? Probably? But he's still VERY effective and would be a strong force for showing a young Blues core how to win in the postseason. That has more value than folks who see it purely as a wrong-direction trade would like to admit.

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