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Originally Posted by KpopandHockey View Post
Texting isn't necessarily bad, you just have to know who you are talking to. For instance my friends at Davis last Qtr all spoke English as a second language and they told me they HATED talking on the phone because sometimes they couldn't understand etc so I would text them exclusively (unless we were hanging out in person).

But yeah, don't plan on her texting back. If she doesn't, oh well. tbh it's rather rude to not even give a response, I hate that but tbh you just experienced the worst thing that can happen. Now you just have to realize that nothing bad came of it and don't act angry if you see her again.
Well we have a class together so I know i'll see her again. But yeah whatever, it's all good. I'll try again some other time in person, etc etc.

edit: oh **** whoa I just looked back. Did I really ask her out by going "we should study for the upcoming test"? What the. I swear I sent something different. hahahahahaha

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