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02-02-2012, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Led Zappa View Post
That's what I installed. CM9 Alpha 0.5 came out this week. I would read the last page of the thread linked below. That's what convinced me to do it and It has links to the instructions I used.

I love it. Don't see any reason to boot to WebOS even though it leaves it as dual boot. Without the market there just isn't much to offer in WebOS unless it gets traction with it's release to open source.

EDIT: For example: The app Evernote in WebOS is a copy used for mobile phones, so the size of the app is the size of a typical mobile phone. In Android mode I get the full sized app and with WebOS essentially dead there will be no upgrade for the WebOS app.

The camera and voice recorder don't work, but I don't need that now and it is being worked on. If I really needed them I could boot to WebOS. All my music was found by Poweramp which I was allowed to download since I had already purchased it for my phone. So, even though it's a different OS it can read all the files using something like ES File explorer.
Oh, sorry... I meant to ask CM7 vs. CM9.

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