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Originally Posted by ReggieMoto
The Monarchs never lit anything up until last season, and we don't need to go into why last season was any different than the other seasons. They previous teams were pretty good teams, but they weren't great.
The first team wasn't great, but every year since the inaugural one, the Monarchs have had a well balanced team each time. 6th ranked offense, 7th ranked defense. 6th ranked offense, 7th ranked defense. 2nd ranked offense, 2nd ranked defense.

Boudreau was pretty good, but it takes considerable talent to do that.

Scott and Huet were ok goalies. They weren't great but Huet I thought showed more promise. Admittedly, the Kings had virtually no goaltending with "Choke". But the Kings also saddled us with Hnlicka and Chewy for the '03-'04 season (letting Scott go and keeping Huet in LA). Were it not for Boudreau finding Hauser (who was not signed by the Kings) and putting him in net over the other two, that entire season would have been a disaster.
Overall, Scott and Huet were nothing special, but both ranked among the top AHL goaltenders. Scooter was all All-Star, too.

About Hauser, do we know for sure who deserves credit for finding him? That could have been a Gilmore call, or a McDonough call, or whatever. It also took a couple of injuries for Hauser to get the that was more chance than a good decision.

Who were the major talents iced by the Monarchs? Smithson? Kelly? Rosa? Lehoux? Muir? Zizka? How were they any better in their league than any of the hotshot players who've played for the Kings in the last 3 seasons?
You have to think of this talent in relation to the league.

Kelly, Rosa, Muir...those guys are Tkachuk, Palffy, and Pronger in the AHL.

I suppose you think that was Bruce's call?
No, but I don't believe everything is a conspiracy. I know that some Manchester fans will arbitrarily blame Gilmore or the Kings, because it is easier to blame someone behind a desk, than a likeable coach in the spotlight. The truth is, obviously, that the blame should be shared between all three parties ( front office, coaching staff, players ).

I also don't believe that Boudreau was fired for failing in the playoffs...well not directly. I believe they only wanted to go in a different direction and explore other opportunities under the guise of firing him over the playoffs. But this is only my opinion.

I'm not Andy Murray's biggest fan, but the guy is one of the most respected coaches in the NHL. Boudreau is still coaching in the minors. Bruce will get his shot, but I don't think there are many people that will say that Boudreau gets more out of his players than Andy Murray.

I won't have much if any time to respond.]
Don't worry. I don't think there's much to this one. It is pretty much all speculation on both parts.

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