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02-02-2012, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Radulov only has 155 NHL regular season and playoff games ... not the 160 required for exposure to waivers ... and with his never ending ability to find issues that the CBA never envisioned - his suspension under 9.1(d)(iii) may or may not put the years on hold. With the way a "year" is defined in article 13, Radulov should be waiver exempt with just two "years".

It would be difficult to maintain any form of intellectual integrity and claim he was on "loan" this year without saying he was loaned for the previous three seasons. If they pull of the trick of saying he's on loan, they can bring him back without waiver exposure during the season ... if he's not on loan, he has to clear waivers.

Maybe Ufa will make a deep run in the playoffs and Radulov won't get the chance to come back until the off season and avoid the CBA nightmare.
What definition of "Year" are you looking at in Article 13? The definition I see there is:
For purposes of this Article, a "year" of exemption shall mean a playing season.
All the usages of "playing season" in the CBA refer to the league calendar, not whether an individual player actually played or not in the NHL that year.

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