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02-03-2012, 12:29 AM
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Thanks for the reply! Yea, I've only really used the push/pull and roll my wrists in follow through on wrist shots. Most snap shots I hit at a sharp angle, and on impact I do push/pull while keeping my blade always closed... Maybe this is bad???

Slap shots I've always just lined the puck/ball in the center, and about 1 foot max away from me, then really drive into the ice/floor a few inches behind while keeping my bottom hand straight, then rolling my wrists on follow through, never push/pull.

This could be a stick size issue too because my older stick I used was shoulder height, and for ball hockey I'm always hunched over. My team gave me some grief over it, but my slap shots were rockets because I could shoot much closer, and under my body. I suffered in reach, and ability to get around players being 5ft 6. Regardless of protecting the puck/ball under my, or near my body, my weight is too low which results in getting shoved. The longer stick allows me to reach away from big guys and keep going.

I went back to my "old" style of play with a stick that comes right to my eye brows, and my wrist shots work alright, but now my slap shot isn't as great. However, as a forechecker with speed and reach, I can really play aggressive! I've always had quick hands, so I can even stick handle past players with that length in tight zones.

Should I go back to being a hunch back regardless of my teams opinions?

-- Good post by the way! Jarick, your points are head on with slap shots.

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