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Originally Posted by ktang View Post
If I have to dump the bar onto the safeties in the rack, I can just lower the body and then it's done. If there is a box and I need to dump the bar, the box or bench is in the way.

Also, if something spasms and I can't control the descent, and I have to dump the bar, it's safer with not box or bench holding up my pelvis while the bar compresses or shears the spine.

It's a good exercise, but not worth the risk for me at my age (45).
Depending on the equipment at your disposal you could easily set up a safety to dump the bar. Been there, done that, nothing like pausing on the bench and getting stuck to give you an "Oh ****!" feeling I hear ya, though.

In a box squat, maintaining that tightness is key. I'd say moreso than in a free squat for the reasons you mentioned. That's one of those "train the weak spot to make it stronger for your real lift" exercises.

Personally I prefer full squats down to the floor. The full depth was always great for my leg development and power, dumping the bar is a snap, it really makes you train your "out of the hole" speed & power, and the gains there translate directly to any other type of squat.

On that note, Zercher Squats are another popular one amongst power lifters, they really kill your core. I'm also very partial to barbell hack squats from a bodybuilding perspective.

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