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Originally Posted by ilovehalgill View Post
I mentioned in the OP that this is NOT a bashing thread, act accordingly.
I believe you could have asked this question in the Gomez thread; though I'm not a mod so it's their discretion to merge.

Originally Posted by PhysicX View Post
Now, I know it's 2 completely different sports, but this scoring drought must be taking its toll on Gomez's mental state. Maybe the guy simply 'lost it', has a mental blockage that makes him stay away from the front of the net... When's the last time he had a shot from close range? I know this sounds ridiculous, but so is this scoring drought...
Yes, it does sound ridiculous. Reason why Gomez isn't scoring is because;

1. slight case of bad luck
2. he played very poorly last year and at the start of this season
3. he is regressing as he is getting older, so naturally will score less.

I have found in his last stretch of gamez he has played moderately better than he did in the past. It's only a matter of time until he scores a few.

I think we need to shelve the conspiracy theories that he's clinically depressed. He's able to skate still, able to go in the corners, able to get dressed for a game.

Once he'll score a goal a piano will be lifted off his back and miraculously his depression will be cured.

To suggest he is mentally ill because he hasn't scored a goal is a slap in the face for the millions that actually do suffer. There's a difference between being ''down'' and in a ''funk'' vs ''mentally depressed''.

Let's not start using that word so loosely.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
This is probably Gomez's last NHL season. I don't think any team will want him, even at the league's minimum.
That be a bet I'd willing to take.

For league minimum I'd keep him.

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