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02-03-2012, 11:08 AM
sa cyred
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Eh, Lilja isnt too good, stats and watching him play show it. That being said he is better than Marshall. Marshall DID NOT look that good during his stint. He was average to below average.

I wouldnt be surprised if we sign a d-man before the deadline and go with a vet group with Gustafsson and Bourdon in the wings ready to go if someone is hurt. No one has been saying anything, but Bourdon has actually been pretty bad in the past 10 or so games. I hope they give him a rest.


This is a Phantoms move man, with Marshall being the oddman out. They must think Kessel/Laud are as close to the NHL as Marshall was, so they filled a need at offense for the Phantoms, another vet scorer. Going into next season, they have on defense:

Gustafsson/Bourdon (you would think one would be on the NHL roster)

They have way to many defenders, alot of them as good or better than Marshall.

Next season on offense, the phantoms have alot of free agents, the year after even more. Testwuide, Holmstrom, Kalinski, Rowe are going to need contracts. Then Hamel is probably going to retire. Luckily Noebels and Ranford will hopefully be making the jump to make up for losing most likely Kalinski and Rowe. With Ford as an addition, Hamel can now retire if needed.

This is all when the Phantoms are looked at they NEED to make the playoffs this season.

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