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02-03-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Yes. With development, Grigro would become our 1st big line centre, leaving Plek into a very comfy 2nd line shutdown/PK specialist and Desharnais as a perky 3rd line center/PP specialist (plus somewhat cheap).

There is no place for Eller in that sort of lineup. He deserves to be played centre, not wingman. Better trade him for a winger to complement Grigo at first, and then with Plekanek.

What is the weakness in this argument? If I wrong, do tell.

In my mind, it would make much more sense to trade Plekanec and keep Eller.
We would have 3 young center for the next decade and a good mix of veteran/young on the wing.

Eller is Plekanec 2.0 (bigger).

I don't want to see Desharnais on the 3rd line. He needs and deserves big,strong, skilled winger. I also don't want him to play the defensive aspect of the game, which your 3rd line usually does. So far, there is not a single reason to break Desharnais's line, Pac and Cole aren't 3rd line winger.

If by a miracle we land Grigorenko,

Pac - Desharnais - Cole
AK46 - Grigorenko - Gionta
Bourque - Eller - Leblanc
Moens - Gomez - White

Gomez would probably be gone + Plekanec trade would land us something really nice (much better then Eller would) (good draft pick or good young winger that could replace Gionta eventually)

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