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02-03-2012, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by jonas4662 View Post
on puck daddy they are proposing that chris stewart of the blues might possibly be available for his recent poor play under Hitchcock. possible tough winger to join the team with what everyone thought 35-goal potential?
I'm interested in Stewart, but I also worry about an attitude issue with him based on rubblings I've heard from Avs and Blues fans. Any truth to that?

Originally Posted by Dropdapuck View Post
No, you're right. I did the math wrong. We picked up one point on them. But it still doesn't change the dynamics much. We desperately need a finisher.
100% agree.

Originally Posted by Seventyx7 View Post
I know that Quick can't sign an extension until July 1st but; is DL allowed to talk to him/his agent and gauge what he will be looking for/interest in resigning?
I thought players can't sign extensions until January 1st? I thought I read that somewhwere about Parise, that he couldn't sign an extension until Janaury and that's why Devils fans weren't worried about the lack of a contract?

Originally Posted by riseandfall9 View Post
Quick is a character guy I don't think the Kings are going to have any problems what so ever signing him. I think Quick will stay loyal the same way Johnson did.
I think so as well. That said I'd rather not deal bernier and put all our eggs in the basket called Quick's character. Hate to build up a great team only to see it backstopped by Martin Biron. DL would really be building Flyers West then.

Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
If Toronto & the Kings are scouting each other, doesn't it all come down to which GM (Lombardi or Burke) will be able to get the better of the other? Who has the edge in a trade?
I'm perplexed how we help each other in a trade. Toronto is loaded with D bodies just like us and they aren't likely going to give up one of their few scoring wingers since they have two good scoring lines but little extra offense after that to make a deal worthwhile.

The only thing I can really see is us getting Kulemin, but then who do the Leafs want from us for him? I can't imagine Stoll or Penner, and the likes of Lewis, Richardson, etc. aren't worth much and wouldn't do much in Toronto IMO. Anyone else upfront I can't see us dealing.

Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
That was true up until this season. Things changed this season.
No they didn't. DL left about $1 million in cap space, which at the deadline equates to closer to $4.5 million. If he wants to add more than that in salary, you can expect Penner to be on the move. DL still left himself plenty of wiggle room.

Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
Stoll & Penner get replaced with Carter & Parise. Gagne may or may not play again, and that's $3.5m right there. Mitchell can be resigned for (probably) $2m or under (35-years-old). IF (and that's a BIG IF) we decide to re-sign Parse, it would have to be @ $650,000 or less, as the last two seasons have shown him to be not worth $900,000.

Will the salary cap increase? Dunno. The only guy we might have a difficult time re-signing would be Fraser. And then the year after next, we'll probably re-sign Scuderi and let Mitchell walk. I don't see a long-term problem with adding both Parise and Carter.
So you are assuming Gagne won't play again? And Mitchell will resign for nearly a 50% discount when he could likely get $4 million on the open market?

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