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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
If this is at all what is going through Noel's head about these decisions, he should be fired right ****ing now. Noel is the one making the decisions about who plays and with us still right in the playoff hunt, he needs to be putting the best team he possibly can out on the ice every night. Not worrying about guy's "last chances" or whatnot. If we are eliminated from playoffs, different story. Right now, best player plays, no questions asked.

Also, Mittens is not only signed for next season with a NTC, but at 1.5 million. Even if he does waive that NTC, we'd have to find somebody who wanted him at that price right now. I doubt he gets moved before next season.
Why should Noel be fired for trying something that may get two guys that are producing nothing right now to start producing offensively? Don't you think if Mittens of Fehr started producing and put up 8-10 pts in their next 20 games that that would help out the team? Both of them have shown in their careers to be able to produce decently, but for some reason aren't with the Jets.

Burmi only has 1pts in his last 12 games, even when he was playing top line minutes. He hasn't shown anything so far to prove that he even could outproduce Fehr or Mittens. Since Fehr has been back, Burmi has only put up 5 points in that entire time, while getting significantly more ice time.

While Mittens is decent defensively, Fehr is absolutely useless to the team if he isn't producing any offense. Burmi is very useful defensively, so Noel may be better off trying to get Fehr producing so he can add something to the team.

Note: I am in no way saying Fehr (or Mittens) are better than Burmi, I love Burmi. I'm just saying you are acting like Burmi is a huge offensive threat and Noel should be fired for even considering putting someone else on the PP or giving them opportunities. He isn't.

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