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02-03-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ProMath View Post
In my mind, it would make much more sense to trade Plekanec and keep Eller.
We would have 3 young center for the next decade and a good mix of veteran/young on the wing.

Eller is Plekanec 2.0 (bigger).

I don't want to see Desharnais on the 3rd line. He needs and deserves big,strong, skilled winger. I also don't want him to play the defensive aspect of the game, which your 3rd line usually does. So far, there is not a single reason to break Desharnais's line, Pac and Cole aren't 3rd line winger.

If by a miracle we land Grigorenko,

Pac - Desharnais - Cole
AK46 - Grigorenko - Gionta
Bourque - Eller - Leblanc
Moens - Gomez - White

Gomez would probably be gone + Plekanec trade would land us something really nice (much better then Eller would) (good draft pick or good young winger that could replace Gionta eventually)
I agree with this. Not only has Desharnais proven he's the go-to offensive center this year, but he's also getting better each game. I think a lot of people here still don't consider him one of our top players. I'd argue it's not even the points that put him up there, it's more than that. He has the drive and work ethic that sets him apart from a lot of players on this team. The way he plays, he should never be off a scoring line.

To me, Plekanec was never really top 6 material, let alone top line. He has the work rate to be in there, but talent wise, i still see him as a perfect 3rd line center. In Eller I think we already have that, so to put this team in a real position to succeed we need a top line center. I'm just not sure if we should draft one or trade for one.

All i know for sure is that we're not going to win with Plekanec as our top center. I'm pretty sure that if anyone thinks rationally about this, they'd agree, too.

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