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01-09-2006, 10:23 AM
Joe Cole
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I am not sure about drills, but there is strategy....

#1- look the ball carrier in the chest, do not get mezmorized by the ball.

#2- head on a swivel. Quickly look at the other opposing team members, and their positions. These are the options for the ball carrier. Be aware.

#3- positioning. Stay between the carrier and your goaltender, a little to the inside of the playing surface. With this positionning, you can force the carrier towards the outside/boards and limit his options, angles.

#4- stick positioning. Keep you stick in front of you pointed towards the carrier. This takes away some of his stickhanding space. If he has passing options, move your stick to block the lane, then back again to infront of him...repeat over and over.

good luck

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