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02-03-2012, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
Bet the breeze wasn't crying went he was out buying up expensive cars and nice vacations that the fans paid for.

Flurry needed money, he wrote a book, some sports shows helped him sell the ****, people wasted thier money, and flurry went to the bank with it. Nice clothes and off to the talk shows with the whole bit of crap. We all have our stories, what makes them so special. They play on people and suck them to better themselves financally.

If gomaz has mental problems, see a doctor, get help and go on insurance, not sucking money out of a team. Do what the rest of us would have to do!!

People need to get a grip when it comes to dealing with way overpaid sport people like gomaz, people will eat up anything they say, like its gods words or something.

Do you really think the gomaz or tiger woods of the world are going to walk away from all that money ??? Sometimes, and rightfully so, they have to be pushed or booed away, hence we have the boo birds.

I'm proud to be a boo bird when a player is out on the ice floating around doing nothing or sitting on the bench having a good laugh for himself while other team mates are working there ass of for far far less money and trying to get 2 points out of the game. A lot of floaters have so much wasted talant. **** Gomaz...outboard.
The problem with ppl like you is that you're not helping the team you love at all. You're detracting. If the players are playing like crap they know it, and the coach let's them know it. But by booing them all you're doing is pushing them down further into their funk.

How would you like it if you got a C on one of your exams or if you messed up at work and ppl booed you incessantly thereafter while you worked or wrote your next exam? Chances are you'd continue to suck because the booing distracts and depresses you even further. So if you wanna help the team - SHUT UP!

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