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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
Question for those that watch most Hamilton games.

Leblanc's statistical profile breaks down like this:

.36 goals per game (solid, 30 goal rate in 82 games)
.68 points per game (decent but not spectacular for a 1st round talent in AHL at 20. To think he has a future as a scorer in the NHL you'd want him above .75)
Point total fairly heavily biased towards goals, even for scoring winger.
3.68 shots per game (Massive, one of the best I've seen in a 20 year old AHLer, suggests he is extraordinarily good at getting in scoring position with the puck and generating personal scoring chances. Best comparable at 20 I've found is Montreal's own Max Pacioretty who had 3.44 per game)
7 of 9 goals on ES (very good, getting PP time but goal totals aren't inflated by it).

Solid NHL scoring when called up (2.45 per 60 minutes ES which gets adjusted to 1.92 factoring in abnormally high team on ice shooting%. 1.92 is a very good rate for pretty much any player that isn't a superstar) that isn't biased towards goals.
And I've heard that he generally plays on a 2nd line away from the team's established forward talent in Palushaj and Engqvist, both on ES and PP.

From this I would conclude that Leblanc is either
1. really good player at the AHL level that is something of a puckhog (accounting for bias towards goals and massive shot totals by being selfish with the puck),

2. an excellent AHL player that plays with linemates nowhere near his level (accounting for profile by being the guy that scores largely by himself with relatively less support from teammates) (NHL equivalent, Phil Kessel in Toronto pre-Lupul)

3. a guy whose teammates deliberately feed him the puck because he's the guy most likely to score (like Ryder on Koivu's line).

4. Belonging to the "spray and pray" low percentage shots school of goal scoring (like Gionta but more so) when playing in the AHL.

Which would be the more accurate interpretation based on watching him play?
Great post. Hope you get an answer.

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