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02-03-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
Insane? LOL. So much hyperbole!

Semin is an FA, and has little value (according to people here). Carlson is great, but he's replaceabe by Orlov (and of course, by Suter). A first is tradeable when you have 2.

You dont like Suter, is that it? Guy is a stud, and worth it IMO. You get him, sign him, and he's core w Ovechkin and Backstrom...maybe Green. We are too heavily weighted in salary to our "offensive core", and Semin is the issue as his production has not been good for the season.

And please dont spout to me about "how do we know he will sign with us"? There are ways to "know" in a manner that allows you to feel comfortable to do the deal. It happens all the time when these teams trade away high picks for UFA to be's rights, and then sign them before the UFA season.

Suter to this team is well worth Carlson and a first. We couldnt have Suter and Semin anyway due to the Cap, and we have to realize to get Suter we will have to pay dearly.

But if thats insane, call me crazy.

Oh, and to Mystlyfe:

Hannan for Flash was a trade I suppose in the "hockey trade" sense, but its just one in the interim, was small in amt of people being switched, and wasnt really about changing a culture.
You're crazy. 2 months of Suter is not worth remotely close to Carlson and a 1st.

I can't think of an example of a young player of Carlson's caliber getting traded for a pending UFA, let alone adding two additional assets of significant worth. He's going to have his second consecutive season of 30+ points. And that's while having a sophomore slump.

And for the record, I love Suter as a player and have advocated many times that GMGM should do whatever it takes to get him this offseason.

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