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Originally Posted by Ambassador Of Fun View Post
Another thing. I love Benn. He's by far my favorite player in the NHL, but you like your advanced statistics, what say you about his really high amount of secondary assists?
At first I thought it might be a byproduct of the AAC's liberal scorers since Morrow and Eriksson also appear in the Top-10 leaguewide in 5v5 secondary assists per 60. But that's not really a satisfactory explanation since Benn has more points on the road than he does at home.

I'd say part of the explanation is that Benn is almost always the one with the puck on his stick through neutral while attacking, often breaking the defense down at that point rather than in the offensive zone. Then the play develops further and a goal might be the result but Benn doesn't get the primary. Certainly he picks up a lot of assists that aren't the slam-dunk variety for a specific passing target. I don't feel like they've been undeserved though or that he's been a non-crucial component of those plays. The phenomenon was on display in the Anaheim game as it relates to Ott and Ryder. It's not like Benn was setting their table all over the ice for tap-ins. Suddenly though both guys appeared dangerous while Benn was with them whereas before they had basically disappeared over the stretch he was out.

It's something to keep an eye on though. That might be a project to even go back at the end of the season and chart out each scoring play he assisted on to determine the extent of his role.

As far as the off-ice stuff goes... I don't care about any of that. That's not what I'm interested in.

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