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02-03-2012, 02:17 PM
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IMO Carter is very overrated. I say this as a Flyers fan I was thrilled when they moved him. I was originally disappointed they moved Richards but not even a 2nd thought on Carter. He just isn't that good and I don't think he would do much for the Kings offense.
As someone whose been watching the Flyers since 72, I agree. I've been hoping for a trade for the last 4 years. Immature, whines, bad attitude and anti clutch, piss poor playoff performer (21 points in 47 games) and even when he was on the ice, you didn't notice his shift. N0ot physical and seldom uses his size.

A guy whose user name is Tim Tebow and says he was happy to see a guy who potted 115 goals in his last three seasons traded away from his team!?!

It's not always about goals, it's about having heart and what it takes to be a winner, a total team player and sacrifice. If you are not willing to work for the guy on the bench next to you and give of yourself, you won't win. He has shown very little of anything but being selfish and immature.
There's valid rreasons why he's probably the least liked Flyer in recent history. After the trade, a poll when up on the HF Board in Phlly 'who will you miss more, Carter or Richards?"
Mike Richards got 96% of the vote.

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