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1) squats shouldn't really cause knee problems if done correctly. you should probably make a video and post it here for a form check. your knees could be collapsing, or tracking too far forward. when in doubt, consult Starting Strength.

Box squats are good as assistance. another thing you might try is doing back/front squat split. front squats are the nuts.

2) those who teach deadlift -> clean are doing it wrong IMO. although the setup is similar, explosive movements and timing the jump are as much proprioception as strength, and thinking about the DL during the lift kinda fails at that. fwiw, Starting Strength 3rd edition has a very nice expanded chapter on the PC.

3) trap bar DL's are safer and easier. the torso is more upright, there are less torsion forces on the spine and more compressive at the beginning of the lift. the range of motion is also lower with a trap bar. unless you have a spine disc issue or a VERY STRONG PREFERENCE to trap bar, you should just do regular DLs.

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