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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
The box squat is all about how you use the box. If you use it to get a bounce, it's counterproductive for its purposes. If you use it to gauge depth and power out of the hole, it's a great help.
never ever bounce off the box. that's a good way to get hurt and probably the number one danger of doing a box squat

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Well I started from 100 and am up to 140 in the last month, which is absolutely nothing to write home about. According to the Rippetoe program, I should be adding 15 pounds per week to the squat but I only do 2x instead of 3x per week due to hockey.

Also I hadn't been doing the warmup set/reps properly and trying that last night felt much better, much less fatiguing (2x5 empty bar, 1x5 small load, 1x3 larger load, 1x2 larger load, 3x5 working load). And adding in a big protein shake post workout on top of my meal.

Box squat

*** my "box" is actually 2-3" below parallel so I'm getting more range than that picture

Back squat

It seems it's a good teaching tool to learn to back squat (regular squat) properly, in that you put your butt back. I was not getting back far enough and leaning too far forward, which put pressure on the knees, causing some knee pain.

But a lot of what I've been reading is that for athletes who aren't competitive lifters, the box squat can be as good as or superior to the back squat because it puts less stress on the knees and incorporates an explosive movement out of the "sit".
perfect. but you shouldn't rely on the box squat to teach you depth.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
My plan is right now to follow Rippetoe's beginner program TO A T and once I plateau to start doing other things like heavy/light days. Right now I'm more learning the lifts and teaching muscle memory as well as the mental side of being able to lift heavy weights instead of directly challenging my muscles to grow. Building the foundation so to speak.
:thumb: try to eat a LOT. not kidding. late 20's is nowhere near too late.

Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
That's what you've got to do, lest you become one of the average people in the gym who barely gets stronger or bigger over the years.
uhhhh... that's entirely upto him whether he keeps up his form, progression, and calories.

Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Never been a fan of the box squat. Good way to compress your spine.

If your program works for you then keep at it. I personally have issues with it. Twice a week(overtrained especially if you are skating/playing), adding 15 lbs. a week(too much), going below parallel(the stress over the patella past 90 degrees of flexion can lead to all kinds of issues)

All no no's and I know a little, but not trying to start a weight lifting debate. If it works for you then more power to ya. Just pay attention to results, pain, and injuries.

Not the greatest for explosive power, but 185lbs for sets of 15 to just above parallel will be your friend when your old Injury/pain free and you'll reap the benefit all through those 60 sec. shifts.
lots of myths in this post.

- he is doing squats with 140lbs. that's nothing. anyone can do that 3-4 times a week easy, even while playing hockey. call me when the squats get heavy, i.e. 2x bodyweight.
- overtraining is a term that gets thrown around a lot. needing an extra rest day every once in a while is not overtraining.
- +15lb/week is superstandard for beginners upto 1.5-2x bodyweight, provided he eats enough calories above his maintenance.
- below parallel is not dangerous, and not the cause of knee pain. look at front squats, the patela goes well beyond 90 degrees of flexion. according to Rippetoe, the reason to only do parallel with back squats is because ass-to-grass squats don't give you much more stimulus than just below parallel.
- re: sets of 15, that's endurance training, not strength. it has it's place, but he should focus on raw strength first.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
For me I'm trying to just strengthen the lower body. I've got really good genes in terms of muscles looking big but I've got the strength of a 12 year old girl. And as I creep up into my late 20's that starting to turn into a bit of back pain, knee pain, etc.

look into some SMR and/or sport massage to handle some of the lifting pains.

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