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02-03-2012, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyerfan4life View Post
no sale..

what if we resign Carle (at coburns price), then cant find a trade to get rid of him..

now we are stuck with his cap hit/roster slot for a guy we dont really want..

i wouldnt hedge my bets on acquiring Carle unless we wanted to play him.

signing someone just on the hopes someone else will trade for him is even riskier..

no thx.
I understand that you have an irrational hatred of Carle and think he is a dime a dozen, but the reality is he is one of the best 75 defensemen in the NHL. Which means, he is not easily replaceable.

There is one clear-cut better defenseman better than Carle currently slated to become a free agent and that is Suter.

After that, it is a fight for second and third between Carle and Wideman.

And then another drop off to fourth and beyond.

At a 4.5 million cap hit, Carle is easily tradeable. In fact, that is well under the value I would think he could get as a free agent given what other free agents have gotten in recent years.

Matt Carle is not an easily replaceable player and would be easily tradeable at a cap hit of 4.5 million. Not signing him is stupid. Attempting to trade him this season is even more stupid.

There needs to be some type of insurance policy in case Suter does not want to go along with your amazing plan to have him land in Philadelphia.

I just do not see what trading him as a pending UFA does for us. We will not get as good value as if he were signed long-term, we will be giving up on this season, and we are done if Suter does not sign here.

Why would we do that when we could just sign him long term and then figure out what we want to do after Suter's intentions are known? Especially if we would get better value at that point, and I think we would.

Plus, I know that you dislike Carle and all, but at 4.5 million, he is a lot better deal than Meszaros is at 4 million.

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