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02-03-2012, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Ya guys think Evander Kane is enjoying Winnipeg?
Every one of the allegations made against Kane have proven to be false. The incident in the bar NEVER HAPPENED and the restaurant issue first came up when somebody brought a sign to a OTTAWA. Was then further spread but a nobody posting on twitter who got pissy because Kane made fun of him on twitter.

One of the problems Kane had was that he liked to hit back on twitter, so these random morons would try to take shots back at Kane. The team is just working with him now to try to curb that, and improve his image. It's a very small but very vocal minority leading these rumours/attacks against Kane. I am hopeful that he understands that, we will see. Kane is probably still in the top 3 for jerseys sales (with Buff and Ladd).

Even if they did decide to trade Kane, as ScoreZeGoals says, the Kings and Jets are horrible trading partners. Both teams are overloaded on the blueline and lacking in top end forwards (of course, LA has alot more in both categories but still). Don't see that LA has any assets they would part with that would give WPG pause to think about a Kane trade. It's not like Kane is UFA, he is locked in RFA for 4 more years.

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