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02-03-2012, 06:49 PM
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Just out of curiosity, how often does a player actually sign with a team that traded for his negotiation rights before becoming a UFA? I just feel like 9 times out of 10 the player waits to be a UFA anyways.. They may still sign but are our chances really that much better getting an extra few days to ourselves?

It just seems like if youre going to be a UFA there is too great of temptation to just wait & see the offers before committing to someone...

It's like being told that you can only keep 1 toy out of all your presents for Christmas but then on Christmas Eve being told that you either can pick 1 present right now & that's it for the year without even knowing what all the other presents are OR you can open all the presents on Christmas morning & choose your favorite then..

Id wait til Christmas morning to see my options...

maybe a bad analogy but I think it still makes a point... If hes coming here I think its after he sees all his options because Im sorry but if the Blackhawks, Red Wings or Rangers, possible even the Ducks or Kings give me a better or similar offer, screw where Im from, Im probably going there...

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