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02-03-2012, 05:53 PM
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Do any of you look the skill competitions?

Only jamie benn had a more accurate shot than this guy!

My scout report on him:

1. Fast as hell --> top20 in the league
2. Accurate and fast shooting --> top50 in the league
3. quick release ---> above average
4. really good defensive game overall ---> above average
5. good pk play ---> above average
6. very good hockey sense ---> above average
7. can play up and down the line up ---> above average
8. has great work ethic, never upset with coaches decisions ---> above average
9. passing game and playmaking ablities solid ---> average
10. Can play LW - C- RW ----> above average
11. Cap hit 900.000 ----> Top10 in terms of revenue

__________________________________________________ ________--

For me his upside is to be one of the best 2nd line winger in the league. Especially because of his flexibility positional and his all around game. I donīt see any weakness in his play. Maybe his size and his body work. But his physical game is better than average for his size, remainds me a bit of Giroux before his concussion.

IMO he will be a:

30+ G 30+ A 60 Points player with a lot of PK time. If he will play a lot of PP Time he will be more of a 35+ 35+ PLayer.

70 Points with a lot of PK time who can play throughout the whole lineup as emergency call is just priceless!!

Tell me one player who can do that in the whole NHL!!

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