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02-03-2012, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by SAKS AVENUE View Post
Man oh man, Habs fans again, setting themselves up for disappointment.

Gems are found throughout the draft. Eberle is a good example. Detroits luck and even our own with the likes of Subban.
A top five pick doesn't guarantee anything. Those two Russians may become problems like Ovy or Kovalchuk. Imagine the dressing room problems with Nail in Montreal, oh my be careful what you ask for. That guy seems like a cocky little ***** that doesn't really respect the Stanley Cup. All he's concerned about is himself and his motherland conquering north america, that won't fly well in nhl dressing-rooms.

Everyone here thinks the more top five picks means 1st place next year. It's worked for Edmonton hasn't it.

This season could have a very damaging hit on current habs psyche that they can't recover from.

Ya, we may get a top five pick, but if we draft an attitude we'll be looking at the basement for a while. We need to mend the fences in the dressing room and start winning games before we have a team full of Scott Gomez'. Losing as much as we have this year can rot the soul.
Yes RNH and Hall are total failures, why havn't they wont the stanley cup if they are so great?

The last time we drafted top 5 it was a major disaster right?

What a mess of a post yours was.

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