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Originally Posted by Generic User View Post
Jimi is Jimi. SRV is SRV. No one will ever again will play the guitar like Hendrix did, but the same can be said about people like Tony Iommi, David Gilmour and Jimmy Page (past) and even Josh Homme, Adam Jones, etc. (present).

Sure, no one has been able to make masterful music look as easy as Jimi Hendrix did, but I think there are plenty of guitarists that are just as creative as he was. I just don't make a competition out of things- just look at it as one big meal with all the flavors complementing each other.
You're absolutely right, and that wasn't my purpose at all. All the guys you mentioned are one of a kind. Jimi took the electric guitar playing maybe a couple of big steps further than ever before. But the creativity is the key word. I love musicians with their own touch. I could add names like Brian May, The Edge, Neil Young (some may argue can he even play, but he's got a very own touch..), Eddie van Halen, Randy Rhoads + many many others.. while they're totally differen each other. Only too clean Satriani/Malmsteen -like shredding contest.. _things doesn't get my vote, but that kind of music also has a place among many listeners.

Jimi owes a lot to former blues guitarists, many today's guitarists owes to Jimi, and things go further every day. Only it still sometimes kind of "surprise" me, that I never get bored to those good old thousand_times_listened classics. Nobody does Hendrix better than Jimi did - long time ago. But they do their things better than anyone . And it's good.

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