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11-09-2003, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
i'll concede that, but a point that you wouldn't be aware of unless you LIVED In nashville(and other posters can back me up on this) is that if you aren't matter what sport, nashville fans really want nothing to do with you. before the titans "music city miracle," even they weren't as supported as you'd expect an nfl team to be. aside from diehards...vanderbilt football's attendance is horrible. the nashville sounds, the AAA affiliate of the pittsburgh could buy a 10 dollar ticket on any night...and move down to the front row on the field undeterred. that changed...when they made the playoffs\had a good season this year. nashville(and it's not just nashville) is a fickle city. it has nothing to do with it being hockey(well, a little bit to do with it being hockey) but more to do with the fact that the predators haven't been a winning team. last year...attendance steadily increased as the predators were getting media attention for being on such a hot streak. nashvillians want to be behind a winner, and retreat into the woodwork when things get rough. i'd wager to say that attendance in vancouver would drop if they went through 5 years of missing the playoffs, because they CERTAINLY weren't THIS popular, back before they became a good team. i remember that much. i'm behind the approach nashville is taking to building their team, and i think they're building a team that will compete not for a year or two and then die off, but rather, a team that will compete year in and year out...and as long as they are, they will be supported. mark my words.
Fair enough, I just don't see the Preds ever being a well supported team in Nashville. It's not the first time that has happened to a Southern team, or any team in a non-traditional hockey market for that matter.

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