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11-09-2003, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin
I would wager that there are numerous people who feel the same way I do on this...

I hope that there is a way that can help out the small market teams compete in the next CBA, but that doesn't change the fact that Nashville's attendance has steadily declined over their 6 years of existence. I know that they have had a poor record over that time, but the Mighty Ducks had a poor record, and they averaged around 16,000 per game for their 1st 6 years. The Lightning also had strong numbers in their 1st 4 seasons and the Sharks have averaged around 17,000 for their entire existence(except for their 1st season where they played in San Francisco). If Nashville was a "hockeytown", the fans would be supporting the team. They simply aren't doing that, and we're only 6 years into the franchise...
But what was the economic backdrop during those franchise starts? In the 3rd year did an economic bomb drop on any of those places like it has Middle Tennessee?

Quote numbers, maybe you are right. Maybe it is not a 'hockeytown' but it IS a sports town. If the team is allowed to survive via CBA the prospect base drafted during this time will bring successful sales. Ownership says they are committed to building a long term winner here. The half successful mode has never yielded a #1 pick.

It sounds as if your mind is already made up. If so, we are just going to disagree.

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