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02-03-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by sjmay View Post

Do not read this is you expected any of the following; Kings to go 82-0, Kings to score 500 goals this season while allowing 41, Opposing teams to never show up and play a great game of their own.

Now, having gotten rid of 95% of you,

That was one helluva entertaining game, Halak made 3 game changing saves, he was absolutely brilliant tonight. Quick was fighting the puck and over compensated on the 2-1 that Doughty and Scuderi ****ed the dog on.

Clifford looked great on that 2nd line, he was coming out with speed, he has to work on handling the puck with speed, but give him a few years, he might be a version of Brown coming up through the ranks.

Lewis and Richardson did the best they could with Stoll, for a while I was laughing at the meltdowns everyone had over Stoll, and while I still laugh at the melodramatic schizophrenic patheticness of this board when it comes to winning and losing, I expect Stoll to be traded by the deadline, probably to the Leafs. OR SABRES

Kopitar was fine out there, he made some great defensive plays, and took what St. Louis gave him, Richards started out slow and came on as the game went along. Penner was fine as was Williams...

Booo hooo we lost 1-0 to a solid team, it was a great game to watch.

Amen to this. It was a real good game. Halak was playing like his all-star counter part.

and see the bolded edit. Sabres need a center REAL bad also.

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