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02-04-2012, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
But then again i hope they go get Cammy back he's Canadian so he's not lazy greedy and everything else that ends in Y.

May I tell you people that my mind is blown by the somewhat ignorance of every body...

One telling me that he wouldnt build is team around Malkin-_-
One telling me that malkin is inconsistent....
One telling me that plekanec is a 3rd line center
One telling me that Carter is not a defensive liability
One telling me that carter Is much better than Plek
One telling me that Richard's is much better than Plek
One telling me that +/- are something u can form a argument over
1. You should read again some post.
2. You're overreacting ... just like you overrate some player.
3. You're mixing thing

But hey... everyone can play your game.

One telling me Plekanec is the best 2nd line center in the league
One telling me defensive aspect of the game is the only thing I form a argument over
One telling me a 30 goals scorer is less valuable then a 20-25 goal scorers
One telling me a 2nd line center should be elite defensevily

Just to remind you .... you said: Kesler is PROBABLY better then Plekanec. ouch ...

Did you talk about Ignorance ?? ... yah you did.

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