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02-04-2012, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Other than the hands and the above average shot I agree with what you said about Read. Powe had similar other traits to this...I do think Read is better offensively than Powe though by a mile.

He isn't really good in our forecheck game, he gets knocked off the puck easily (but so does Briere), and I don't see the same offensive ability that I see in Voracek...who has stellar vision and has been excellent in traffic with the puck.
My point was that I think his stats are a little over his head. Obviously if he finishes the year at the same pace I'll be wrong, and happy to be so.
I also don't hate Jeff Carter, and he was (still is) a valuable player...but some of the talk about him is that he's some sort of sniper. I haven't reviewed any of his goals lately, but I don't remember Carter ever really picking corners...he took a TON of shots to probably accomplish his goals.
In comparison, its really easy to call someone like Jagr a release, hard shot, and guy hits corners all the time. Obviously he's a HOF...and I'm not expecting that out of either Carter or Reid, but I was just trying to make a comparison.

I also don't think its really pertinent to bring his cap number into this...from just a talent standpoint. I'm not advocating getting rid of him or anything...nor do I think he's a bad player.

Id go:
1. Couts/Schenn - so close...both have been fantastic.
2. JVR (really down year for him, but the potential is immense)
3. Voracek - He's like Giroux lite, without the goal scoring...he has the ability to bring that up though.
4. Simmonds (I hate putting him this low. He's been one of the better forwards for a month. Does nothing but cause problems and create opportunities out there. I didn't think he'd be this good).
5. Read.
Matt Read absolutely has an above average shot. His accuracy is excellent and he has shown an ability to pick the corners well. He also gets very nice velocity on his wrister. See the shot he took on his breakaway goal the other night, it was a nice shot. It is definitely above-average.

I agree that he is not incredible in the corners but at his size I would not expect him to be. He is more than adequate and much better than Briere though. And his defense in 10x that of Briere. Read is an excellent 2 way player. Briere has no clue what the word "defense" even means.

As far as Carter goes, he is absolutely a sniper. He has a great wrister, a quick release, etc. He has been noted for his quick release time and time again. He is a better shooter than Jagr. I am sorry, but it is true.

If you want some evidence, go here [link][/link]

Ranking the young players:

1. Sean Couturier: Is already a special talent on the defense end, by far the Flyers best defensive forward and one of the top defensive forwards in the NHL. Should be in the top 20 for the Selke award as a rookie. His offensive upside is also immense. Easily has first line potential and after putting on a little weight and improving his skating ability this offseason, he should be incredible.

2. JVR: Has all the tools you could ever want in a player. He has the speed, the size, all the dekes, the hands, excellent vision, a hard shot, the list goes on. He just needs to refine himself and find consistency like a lot of young powerforwards. He showed major flashes of his ability in the playoffs and even though lots of fans were not pleased with how he was doing early this season, he had sixteen points in nineteen games before getting injured and he has not been the same since. A player that can be nearly a point per game and can have fans calling him unimpressive must have an immense skill set.

3. Schenn: Mike Richards-lite (for now). Down the road Mike Richards could actually end up being Brayden Schenn-lite.

4. Matt Read: Simon Gagne-lite. He is already on pace for 28-28-56 as a rookie. However, he is 25 and is therefore already in his prime. So he obviously is not going to have some gigantic jump in points, or at least it is not likely. But I do not think it is a stretch to say he could have a 35-30-65 season and a couple more 30-30-60 seasons. He is more than a third liner. He is a good quality 2nd liner. Perhaps even a really good 2nd liner depending on how things go.

5. Jakub Voracek: Do not see the Giroux-lite comparison. Voracek is a beast through the neutral zone, is excellent possessing the puck in the corners, but he has no finishing ability whatsoever and actually his passing is not even all that great. He has a career high of fifty points and he has gone backwards since that point. He is still young, but the shot is not going to get that much better. I see his peak being around 20g-40a-60pts. Maybe something will happen and he will be more than that, but I do not see it.

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