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01-09-2006, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Metallian
the tryout shouldnt void anything since theres no contract or anything, and he wouldnt be "pro". its just a chance for him to showcase and hopefully they like him enough. he'd rather have a walk-on with an OHL team but so far we havnt found anything yet..

i agree that college is the best route. he's so stressed out about that though cuz he wants to get a scholarship to make our dad happy but at the same time he thinks its impossible at this point.

as far as his type, he's standup, i may be wrong in assessing him but i always saw him as a reflex guy. kinda reminds me of Kipper with his glove hand (playing baseball at the national level really helped that).

whats the best way to go about getting college scouts to notice you? junior B for next year? or..?
I'm not sure if you can do this for hockey but for football, a lot of Colleges accept videotapes that are designed to showcase an athlete.

You could always make one of those and send them out.

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