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Originally Posted by dwreckm View Post
I'd like to just say something real quick. I'm by the very definition a novice player, or a beginner. In total, I've played around 10 or 12 games, never having played before, and only ice skating maybe 4 or 5 times with crappy rental skates before that. I admit I'm not great, I can't skate backwards, can't stop worth a ****, but I know where to position myself as I watch a lot of tape.

That being said, what bothers me, and what I don't want, is the people I'm playing with giving me a free ride, and not trying to stop me when I'm on a breakaway, or poke check, and give me open lanes to the net. I can't get better without a challenge. If you see me doing something stupid, please tell me, I won't get mad, I'll learn. Don't be afraid to shove me into the boards either, I enjoy the physical aspect of the game, and I didn't buy pads just to soften my landing when I trip over my own feet.

Anyways, good chat.
Don't let that discourage you. You'll still get better even if the players are "giving you a free ride" and in some cases, they're actually providing you an opportunity to work on some skills in an actual game.

I only play ball hockey, and it's a co-ed league where you get some absolutely beginner players, and I'll let them keep the ball on their stick for a few moments more just so that they can learn what it's like to have the ball on their stick, how it feels, etc.

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