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About Yourself
Name: Mark
Age: 19
Location: Kelowna, BC
Origin of Screen Name: Tanner Glass was my favourite player on my favourite team (Canucks) last year, until he got traded. Sick flow and just overall sick beauty so why not?

Hockey Background
Years Playing:
12 years
Current Team: Jets
Current League: College student league
Highest Level Played: Juvenile rep
Current Level: Div 1 College Players league
Position: Defense
Type of Player: Complete shutdown D-man, meathead, love to chirp and use my antics in front of the net
Player You Emulate: Willie Mitchell style player as a D-Man, Lapierre with solid hits, chirps, facewashes, stick work

Current Gear
Bauer 4500, white, removed all logos, white chinstrap, white loops, shaved padding
Shoulders: Sherwood 5030's
Elbows: Older Easton Synergy elbow pads from Pee-Wee.
Shins: Easton somethings, I don't remember.
Gloves: RBK Canucks pro stock 4 rolls
Skates: Graf Pro stock
Stick: Easton EQ50 (SE16 repaint), Tanner Glass prostock, Warrior AK27 shaft+Bauer x60 wood blade, P91a curve

Hanging out with the boys, throwin dips in the locker room, drinking hard
Movies: Dumb and Dumber
Music: Any country
TV: Hockey Night in Canada
Food: Pizza, Fettucini Alfredo, Burgers, Steak
Drinks: Beer, Root Beer, Water
Hockey Team: Canucks
Hockey Player: Todd Bertuzzi since day 1

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