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Originally Posted by MynameisKing View Post
Was just looking around and looking for Jeff Carter highlights, just to know what exactly we are looking for if we do get him and I scrolled down looking at the comments to see what people had to say. Well, it was discouraging! Here is one comment that summarizes pretty much what everybody was saying:

@corycb2003 On paper that is correct. You will quickly learn that although Carter puts up a lot of goals each season, hardly any come in the playoffs or in big situations. He has no heart, will not hit anybody, wont go in the corners, and will never skate hard. The jackets will be up like 6-1 and Carter will score 4 goals for a 10-1 final. If you guys are down by 1 and its late, Carter will be nowhere to be found.

This was an argument possibly during the time of the trade cuz we all know Columbus hasn't had or will not get any prospects of winning games 10-1, but it paints not a pretty picture of JC! Do we really want that kind of player on our team?

Scored last night in a close game. The Kings have plenty of character guys on the team. It's time to add someone that can put the Fu$^^ puck in the net. I don't care How lazy he is, I would take Semin at this point.

It's a real shame Gagne went down. He was in a slide as well, but you can see the FINISH Gagne has. NO KING HAS THAT (Maybe Kopitar).

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