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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Something to ponder in all of this. Suter, Weber and Klein were all drafted in the same year. Say Klein developed a little faster than Weber and Trotz had Suter paired with Klein for the last 3-4 years, do you think we'd be saying the same thing about him AND Weber? Other than a size difference and bigger shot, Weber and Klein play pretty similar games, they are both prone to making mistakes with the puck but Weber has Suter to bail him out and Klein has had the likes of Hamhuis, Blum and now he has Josi, which IMO has solidified his play.

And to be perfectly honest, who has been on the ice for more goals since the break? Anyone notice Weber, Suter and Fisher go to a guy in the corner and leave Heatley alone for the first goal against Minny the other night? How about the other breakdowns that those two had against Minny? I'm not willing to throw them under the bus but they make a mistake or two and people ignore it, Klein makes a mistake and he's the worst defender in history. So many focus on only his mistakes. Do you actually watch the games? Do you see where he's blocked shots, cleared the puck from the crease as it's about to go in, take a guy wide reducing scoring chances? He's no angel and has his faults like most players but his mistakes get overblown and all the little things he does go unnoticed. Watch the game tonight, look for the little things he does, then get back to me.
I have been to about 10 games this year and i have watched every single other game on t.v. or stream. I will be there tonight and do not have to watch him like a hawk to change my opinion. His mistakes are not overblown he makes them to many times for a 37th pick with 287 games under his belt. Again like i mentioned before if you watch the games and watch when other teams score it is so funny how Klein is around way to much.

Yes, i did see that play behind the net you mentioned. IMO Weber and Suter have not played well at all since the all star break. Did you see the play after that where Klein fumbled and bumbled the puck behind the net and turned it over leading to the other Heatley goal? What about the one where he had the Minn guy one on one and let him go right by him along the boards to the net for a score? So much for him being good at taking guys wide from the net.

Your other post you can bring up all the random guys you want. Facts are facts and when the eye test and facts stink. Well it stinks.

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