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02-04-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
I didn't say they're useless, I just said I'm not a fan of them because they're not as perfect as their advocates seem to claim they are.

There's two sides to every story in hockey...whereas in baseball stats can be fairly black and white math whenever you can adjust for things (player A plays in a hitter friendly park and player B plays in a pitcher friendly park...we have the stats to adjust for them and neutralize hockey you can't really adjust for linemates/goaltenders faced/whatever nearly as well...and even on certain stats that some fans seem to love and others hate, such as faceoff zones, they generally have simple answers. When you have Jordan Staal on your roster he's going to take the bulk of the defensive zone faceoffs. That doesn't mean the other guys on the roster aren't good defensively or that Staal is bad offensively, it just says Staal plays a shutdown role...something that I think we all know by this point.).

I mean, baseball stats aren't perfect either...but as a zero-sum game they're closer to telling the whole story if you dig into things...that and adjusting for outside influences in hockey is next to impossible, but is just assumed in just about every baseball sabremetric stat. When a hockey equivalent of FIP or WAR comes around I will cry it's praises from the top of Mt. Sentinel. As it stands none of those exist...but grasping to the old standards isn't a great idea either. I mean, for what it's worth I think +/- is the worst stat in sports...and I'm including pitcher W-L record in there. Just about any sabremetric defensive stat is more credible than that.
A very accurate and good assessment.

At least with the stats being somewhat flawed at this point, we have a good starting point to build on different ideas.

Baseball has it so easy...

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