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02-04-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs23 View Post
@Skorpion, I don't buy that stuff. If I were in his(Gomez) shoes, I'd be the 1st guy donating like 1 Million bucks to the Montreal Children's Hospital or something.
And you know he hasn't how?

Originally Posted by Dr_Hook View Post
With high quality ice-time Gomez has not scored a goal in 1 calendar year (maybe I just jynxed him) and has barely been booed at all ; and when he is, a big portion of the crowd loudly cheers to negate them. Frankly, I don't think he's had it too bad in Montreal.
Except when he turns on the TV and hears about his goaless streak. Or he opens a paper. Or he turns on the radio. Sure the crowd in the Bell Centre has been fairly decent but it doesn't negate the abnormal hate for this guy throughout the entire city.

Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
if you want to criticize anyone for this mess, go no further than Gainey...

chill out, enjoy the parody, might as well have some fun with it to distract from what a cluster ******* it was trading for him in the first place and being stuck with him now.
Couldn't agree more on the Gainey front. However the Gainey part kind of takes away the rest of the point you are making here. LA Lakers, Patriots, Celtics, Yankees. Look at their top-payed players. The ones at the top are the BEST of the team. Is Gomez the best player on the Habs? Clearly not. I would get the anger from a city if the highest paid player - who is also considered the best - would be ridiculed for having a rough season. At that though, a website and event planned is still harsh. In this situation, Sather was a moron for giving Gomez that much money and Gainey is an even bigger moron for trading a future franchise defenseman to take on this albatross of a contract.

I can't chill out with this. You may see it's a parody but this is a classic act of bullying someone. Sure most will laugh and shrug off the bully label, but when you ridicule someone to this point of no return, it becomes disgusting to watch.

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