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02-04-2012, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
if you want to criticize anyone for this mess, go no further than Gainey...

he brought this situation into the organization, and frankly I don't think fans in any other major sports market would be any "classier" in dealing with it.

to be honest, this whole "celebration" thing strikes me as being a bit of self-depricating humour on the part of the fan base.

How do you think the LA Lakers fans would treat an unproductive player taking up such a big chunk of their cap space?

NFL doesn't have this problem since players just get cut when they perform as poorly as Gomez has, but can you imagine the vitriol you'd see from Jets or Giants fans if their team was stuck with an ineffective player as their highest paid player?

same thing with european soccer... players that stink it up get a ton of abuse from fans, stadiums chanting insults towards them...

Frankly, Gomez has gotten off pretty lightly all things considered. In other cities/sports he might be facing non-stop booing every time he hit the field of play.

chill out, enjoy the parody, might as well have some fun with it to distract from what a cluster ******* it was trading for him in the first place and being stuck with him now.
But that guy (Gomez) doesn't play soccer or football so who cares what soccer and football fans do to the players?

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