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01-09-2006, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by mino65434
Yeah but doesn't this team just feel different? It's not a typical Clarkie Flyers team, Hitch has put his stamp on it and made it his own, and it feels like this is a Cup contender for real.
The fact that it isn't a "typical Clarkie Flyers team" is entirely the problem with the Flyers. It starts with Brashear and how he doesn't stick up for anyone unless **** hits the fan, back in the day Schultz would have put an end to it before it had a chance. We always had that enforcer or tough as nails player who could and would stand up to anyone for his team. Right now we lack that player and we lack that chemistry in general. I don't see alot of players rushing to each others aid if something should happen.

We need to look back at last years Phantoms to see how they interacted and the chemistry that resulted. We had a heavy weight who wasn't a load, and a handful of middlweights that were just waiting to get into it. There was Gratton, Cote, Skonley, Richards, Eager, Sharp and I know there's more. This year the Flyers have floaters out the *** that need to be unloaded, maybe then we can call ourselves serious contenders.

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