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02-04-2012, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post

Couldn't agree more on the Gainey front. However the Gainey part kind of takes away the rest of the point you are making here. LA Lakers, Patriots, Celtics, Yankees. Look at their top-payed players. The ones at the top are the BEST of the team. Is Gomez the best player on the Habs? Clearly not. I would get the anger from a city if the highest paid player - who is also considered the best - would be ridiculed for having a rough season. At that though, a website and event planned is still harsh. In this situation, Sather was a moron for giving Gomez that much money and Gainey is an even bigger moron for trading a future franchise defenseman to take on this albatross of a contract.

I can't chill out with this. You may see it's a parody but this is a classic act of bullying someone. Sure most will laugh and shrug off the bully label, but when you ridicule someone to this point of no return, it becomes disgusting to watch.
i'm not a bully at all, and I'll be enjoying the "celebration"...

different perspective I guess. Watching today, fans were actually cheering every time he touched the puck or got a shot off... while it might be a somewhat cynical cheer, at the end of the day I'd say it's better than boos raining down, and the 1-year anniversary is at least part of why the tone has shifted.

again, if you look at other rabid fan bases around the world, you'll find actual bullying/threats directed towards players (heck, didn't the niners kick-returner get some death threats after his 2 fumbles... imagine what those fans would be thinking about gomez!)... this is not at all the same think imo.

but if it does bother you that much, probably best to just separate yourself from it all for a bit, because tomorrow we're gonna party like it's 2011

Originally Posted by Mover View Post
But that guy (Gomez) doesn't play soccer or football so who cares what soccer and football fans do to the players?
perhaps because my post was in reply to a comment relating to habs fans as being "best in the world"?

this is the problem with parachuting into a discussion without knowing what's being discussed.

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