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02-04-2012, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
Montreal the best fans in the NHL? Ya right, think again.

I can't believe the extent that people will go to ridicule a person. I am not happy that we are losing nor am I happy that Gomez hasn't scored a goal in over calendar year, but really does that give us the right, as the best fans, to ridicule him? I don't remember hearing anything like this happen in any other city when Pittsburgh, Chicago, Washington, Philly etc. were losing. (although if anyone can let me know if they had seen something of this nature, inform me please) So how are we the best fans?

This year I have found myself trying to keep interest, but unlike other years I don't care if I miss a game. My nonchalance is due more from MANAGEMENT choice than any individual player. If the fans really cared about the product on the ice and wanted to do something about it, we should stop spending money on the team, going to games, watching it on TV. Gomez is not the problem but we pick on him because it makes us feel better about the situation. Since we can't laugh and be happy that the team is winning, so let's laugh at someone else's misfortune. I've heard all kinds of excuses, but in the end a "great fanbase" stands by their players win or lose, up or down. Not the Montreal Canadeins fanbase, we like to slander our players to the point where they, nor anyone else would want to join this team anymore. Ok sure the fans insulting Gomez are having a good laugh, but who will have the last laugh when we notice players have no interest in joining this team because they fear similar exposure.

This is the MANAGEMENTS problem, not any individual player. Unfortunately for the "best fans" in the NHL, they are the most disconnected from reality. If we want to make an impact, hit them where it hurts, the wallet. Hurting Gomez, ridiculing him changes nothing.
Bro, for the longest time I've said we have some of the worst fans in sports. Completely pathetic.

And they wonder why we have to overpay through the ass to get free agents to come here.

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