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01-10-2006, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by easton122
We made it there fine and then got lost looking for a gas station on the way home. While trying to find out how to get back to 78 we run a red light and got pulled over. Luckily the cop let us off. A ****** night altogether. The game was like eating crow for 3 hours.

You said 217 so I thought you might've been the guy(s) getting carried out by security.
we were going on the turnpike goin south and my friend completely missed the exit...
me: "dude keep right, right here, right HERE!"
him: "did i miss it?"
me: "keep think that means keep left" we ended up on a joyride thru elizabeth and got back on the turnpike and came home

yeah there were guys gettin carried out all over the place--some old jersey fan was trying to start with me at the end...I was just like, yeah pal you got this one--wanting to go home

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