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02-04-2012, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Jmac1160 View Post
I don't know if everyone cheering for Gomez when he has the puck is cheering out of sarcasm or actually rooting for the guy. I feel that the majority of fans are cheering out of sarcasm. If thats the case then I'am disgraced to be a habs fan all standings/stats aside. Give the guy a ****ing break.

Sure he is extremely underachieving but wow I have never seen such a childish fanbase in my life. I wouldn't be surprised if Gomez ends up on suicide watch seriously. No wonder our team can't do squat because the media and fans are up everyones ass constantly and are gripping the sticks tight. I'm tired of this crap and tired of a bunch of classless fans whining and crying when one little thing doesn't go our way. NEWS FLASH: IT HAPPENS TO EVERY TEAM!..They can just overcome it for the most part. But since we dwell on everything it makes things impossible to overcome. The fans, and media is a joke. So much so that the fans sarcastically cheer for a man who is obviously depressed, pressured and feels horrible for his non production.

I'm not here to bash all fans just a small amount. And I'm here to bash all media because the Montreal media is a graveyard for players when they don't perform, No wonder when we trade players that underachieve they all of a sudden score 30.
He should be booooooooooooo right out of town , the GD **** head. the only way i would give him a cheer is if he gave half of his pay to the charity. jesus people give up the gomaz thing.
If he has mental problems over it, go see a doctor and appy for disablity and stop sucking the habs.
I'll be glad when his ass is out of town

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